How to create your own testimony for the Tribunal

How to create your own testimony for the Tribunal

There are a few ways you can record your testimony.


The first step is to write down notes and details about what you would like to say.  Also gather any supporting items you want to use in your testimony, photos, documents, video etc.

Don’t worry, this is not an Emmy performance, this is simply you providing your personal experience in how this industry has impacted you.


Private ZOOM.US Method

Zoom is a platform that can be used by anyone with a computer, internet connection and web cam on their computer.  You can basically have a meeting with yourself, sharing your screen to show any specific items on your computer you want to refer to, and record the presentation.

The steps for this process are outlined below.

Step 1:  Go to website

Step 2:  create an account (it is free)

Step 3:  Click on “Host a meeting”

Step 4:  When the webcam image appears, on the bottom tool bar, click on the record button.

Step 5: click “Stop Recording” and “End Meeting”

Step 6:  Zoom will save the recording to your computer in MP4 format.

Step 7: Contact the Convenor of the Australian Tribunal to submit the recording.


Interview ZOOM.US Method

This would involve a member of the WDWUGG setting up a meeting with you on Zoom and doing the above steps on your behalf by interviewing you and recording the interview.

Alternative software

There is a bunch of software out there that you can purchase and install on your computer to assist in producing a presentation similar to the ones that we have provided outlining each subcase.  We have used Adobe Presenter.  We found the cost minimal, easy install and intuitive use.

Non Video Submission

We would encourage you to do a video but if it is beyond your abilities, please submit your testimony any way that you find doable.  Contact the Convener to be supported in providing your submission.

Thank you, from, me, my kids, your kids and the next generation, this is an important thing that only you can do and WILL make a difference.


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