10 years of boom and bust distilled – Gas winners & Gas Losers

10 years of boom and bust distilled – Gas winners & Gas Losers

The impacts of this industry on the people expected to host this industry in their homes and those who are forced to leave their homes are undeniable and relate directly the human rights to clean air, water, privacy, health and safety, and a sustainable environment.  See the most recent testimony received to Session 5 and Dr Wayne Somerville’s Testimony.

In 2017 A conceptual model of socio-economic impacts of unconventional fossil fuel in host regions was presented to the Energy Impacts Symposium, Ohio,  by Tom Measham (GISERA-CSIRO).  

Given the vast human settlements that lie over shale reserves (and other unconventional gas) world wide, it is essential that a true understanding of this impact is created particularly if government decisions are to be made without the current bias and primacy to the industry instead of human and environment rights.

Measham presented the distillation of research on the issue of social impact of the industry as a framework that fits on one page. 

This is a succinct and surprisingly truthful representation of what the 10 years of boom and bust have wrought on the Western Downs.  There have no doubt been a few Gas Winners, but the balance has been gas loosers more profound than the simple words on the chart can represent. And with particular attention to the most recent of study on this issue in the NT Fracking Inquiry –  the question should not be what will the impacts be but should these impacts be acceptable.

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