The answer is in the Second Premise, and Your Testimony

The answer is in the Second Premise, and Your Testimony

Tomorrow, Kathleen Dean Moore will present the first of the Bedrock Lectures for the Spring Creek Project in support and leading up to the Plenary Session of the Permanent People’s Tribunal on March 14-18.  

Kathleen Dean Moore is a Philosopher and wrote a book in 2012 with Michael P. Nelson, titled Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril.  She has discussed what I have often wondered about and almost been able to identify but has escaped me –  what is the answer to our problem of paralyisis over the issue of Climate Change generally but the Unconventional Gas contribution specifically?

The Answer is in the Second Premise.  That is, we have the scientific proof that climate change is real, and yet many of our conversations are still about what we ‘should do’ and not ‘what we are doing’.  

Moore explains that what is missing is the second premise, the ethical part of the response to the fact of climate change.  Not the jobs, the economy, the profit, but is it right to allow the economic argument to trump the ethical argument.

That is the purpose of the Tribunal and YOUR contribution, to fill the gap in the overwhelming argument of economic benefit with ethical argument of what is not just, what we think the world ought to be.  This will then assist us to make the next step – take action using moral and social forces,,,the missing part,,,the second premise.

By making your contribution of how your life and experience of the industry to dateo date has evidence to prove there is an impact on human rights by this industry you are contributing to building this second premise.

Forward to Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson, titled Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril by Archbishop Americus: Desmond Tutu: 

“To the people of all the world, the essays in this book tell us the moral ground we stand on they are a clear call to action. We are called to understand the climate change is a moral challenge and not simply an economic or technological problem. We are called to honour our duties of justice. To prevent the enormities of climate change as the price of the lifestyles of the privileged is paid for by millions of poor people in the loss of their livelihoods and their lives. We are called to honour our duties of compassion to prevent the suffering of millions of innocent people especially the hungry children. Leading environmental scientists that as many as one hundered eighty five million Africans will die this century as the direct result of climate change. Many more will face untold suffering in other parts of the world. As I write famine is increasing, flooding is increasing as are the disease and insecurity caused by water scarcity around the world. Climate change is real. It has begun. The countries that are the least responsible for causing climate change are paying the heaviest price. The average UK Citizen produces nearly 50 times as much carbon dioxide as any citizen in the developing world.  And in the United States the production of carbon dioxide is significantly higher.  This is a serious injustice. As an African, I urgently call on ordinary people in rich countries to act as global citizens, not as isolated consumers.  We must listen to our consciousness, not to Governments who speak only of economic markets.  These markets will cease to exist if climate change is allowed to develop to climate chaos.  We have a big problem to solve.  Climate Change is a globll threat that will effect my generation surely but will prove to have a devastating effect on  my children not to mention  my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  All scientific prognoses show that the continent of Africa will be severely harmed if we do not act now.  The consequences could be conflict and instability which we must avoid at any price.  Our experience in South Africa confirms that if we act on the side of justice we have the power to turn tides.  Industry, Government, civil society and you and I we can all make a difference.  Raise your voice.  I urge you, Sisters and Brothers to work together with campaigners in the global self and call for strong climate change laws in your own countries as well as internationally.  Do not fly in the face of the poor by allowing the emissions produced by endless and unnecessary business lights to keep growing .  insist on an 80 percent cut in your national emissions.  And hold your governments to account.  In matters of climate change, as in all our lives, our obligation is clear.  We must do unto others as we would wish them to do unto us. Thank you for caring.  Thank you for acting.”

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