A tale of two futures

A tale of two futures

In an excruciating load of irony today, two stories clearly shine a spot light on the writing on the wall and the absurdity of our government’s ongoing greed driven one eyed white knuckle grip on the unconventional gas industry.

The first story (Gas Giants Bill Threat: Price Hikes Predicted) is one that is being told far from the first time but is becoming clearer with less spin invading in the retelling.  

This story highlights the perpetual gaslighting that has fuelled this industry and the government cheerleaders that have long encouraged / shamed those in the bush expected to host this disaster along with all it costs these families to take one for the team so the rest of Australia can continue to have cheap electricity.

The second story (Labor offers solar panels and Tesla batteries for 50,000 South Australia homes) is one that shows a similar business model that involves asking the community to contribute to the energy  needs that their consumption requires, but starts with the city, is voluntary, is renewable, directly contributes to the individual quid pro quo, and does not include damaging aquifers, communities, food production, mulitnational profiteering and cronyism (if not corruption).

Hmmm, which future would I choose? 

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