The Rising Legitimacy of the Human Rights Argument

The Rising Legitimacy of the Human Rights Argument

There is movement in the gasfields, and that movement is the rising legitimacy of the human rights argument against the unconventional gas industry.

As identified in a previous blog A Rose by any other name: Social Licence , the term social licence has until recently been appropriated by the industry and the government, and just as every other term used by them, it is utilised to control the narrative.  We must take this term back, and wield it as it is meant to be..  As a demand for the protection of our human rights in the decision making process associated with the industry.  By doing this we have access to a whole new language and means of justice to protect ourselves and our environment with.    

The following tools can be used to support the dissemination and communication of this rising argument.

The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal Judges’ Preliminary Statement

The final Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal Advisory Opinion expected to be delivered in January 2019

The PPT Session Proceedings (including all of the lead up Bedrock lectures and essays)

Human Rights, Fracking and Climate Change event presentation

An excellent academic article on the Tribunal has been published in just the past week. It is authored by Miriam Aczel and Karen Makuch at the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College, London and is titled “Human Rights and Fracking in England: The Role of the Oregon Permanent People’s Tribunal.” It is published in the December 2018 issue of the highly respected Health and Human Rights Journal at Harvard University (Volume 20, Number 2, pp 31-41).

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