Fracking IS a human rights violation – PPT Final Report

Fracking IS a human rights violation – PPT Final Report

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal Session into Human Rights, Fracking and Climate Change a success! Your evidence, support and commitment to the truth has been essential to this world first outcome!

The PPT have handed down their Advisory Opinion and you can read it great detail by following the link.

The PPT’s Advisory Opinion is an extraordinary statement on the situation internationally, but specifically in Australia. There is very strong language that is used to soundly condemn the Unconventional Gas industry and the governments that support it.

“From many jurisdictions around the globe, the evidence is overwhelming: first, UOGE is a major contributor to the crisis the world is facing at the “climate crossroads”; second, the dangers of UOGE to the rights of people, communities and nature are inherent in the industry, and that such dangers all too often result in serious, even catastrophic violations of those rights. Where UOGE operations impact, local ecosystems are destroyed and that of the planet comes under threat.”

The recommendations from the Advisory Opinion included:

“That the methods, present and envisioned for the future, of extracting oil and gas from underground, referred to in general as “fracking”, be banned.”

“That all States and governments at all levels should include in their constitutions a recognition of the right of all their citizens to a healthy environment. “

And that the people faced with the industry are supported and encouraged to investigate legal action based on human rights violations (important given the recent Human Rights Act in Queensland) and that they further be encouraged and supported in active resistance of the industry in their local areas.

We will continue to provide a platform to expose the every day violations of peoples human rights by this industry and will be taking the Advisory Opinion to the State and Federal Government for their formal response.

Stay tuned, and again thank you, keep fighting.

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