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10 years of boom and bust distilled – Gas winners & Gas Losers

The impacts of this industry on the people expected to host this industry in their homes and those who are forced to leave their homes are undeniable and relate directly the human rights to clean air, water, privacy, health and safety, and a sustainable environment.  See the most recent testimony received to Session 5 and…
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What is the link between public participation and “Salami Slicing”?

THE Territory Government is poised to lift its fracking moratorium next year following the release of the NT fracking inquiry’s draft final report. The report contains 120 recommendations that panel chairwoman Rachel Pepper said would mitigate the risks associated with fracking to “acceptable levels”.  Tim Forcey has published his feedback to aspects of the NT…
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Media Release re PPT

The International Steering group for the Permanent People’s Tribunal into Human Rights impact into unconventional gas have released the following Media Release. An International Tribunal on Human Rights and Fracking The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal will hear testimony from around the world to make a judgement on whether the effects of hydraulic fracturing have breached human…
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Pseudo-Science or inconvenient truth?

APPEA (Gas industry body) recently derided a paper by Dr Geralyn McCarron regarding a link between a rise in gasfield toxic pollutants and hospital admissions for circulatory and respiratory diseases.  Their only rebuttal to the paper was to refer to the paper as ‘pseudo-science”.  Of course this is lazy and they do not produce a …
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Where are these rights described and how do they apply?

In October 2016 a representative of the United Nations (UN) met a group of Queenslanders as part of his investigations into the possible violation of the rights of local defenders of human rights. Michel Forst is the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders. His main mission as an independent expert is to…
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Tim Forcey Testimony

Thanks to Tim Forcey’s testimony, a very fundamental yet significant environmental impact has been clearly highlighted in evidence for the Tribunal.  That is the aspect of methane gas emissions from the industry and their massive contribution to green house gas production in Australia, and the abject failure for this to be adequately acknowledged or managed…
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Mind the GAP

Resource Minister Matt Canavan (2.0) has announced a $26 million grant to fast track development of new on shore gas supplies.  It has been tagged the Gas Acceleration Program or GAP.   This is an interesting change in refrain from the one that these federal song birds were singing not so long ago.  Previously on the…
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Benedict Coyne (ALHR) Supports Tribunal

The National President of the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, Benedict Coyne has posted a video to the web page supporting the Tribunal and discussion the human rights impacts of unconventional gas. See the media release below, and go to the Introduction page to view the video. 171220 ALHR CSG human rights tribunal release (1)

How are our Human Rights Impacted?

How are human rights impacted by this industry? After biding their time over the last 5 turbulent years for CSG (particularly the Qld and northern NSW), Arrow Energy have dived right in. After launching their ‘economising deal’ with QGC they quickly launched a round of ‘community information’ sessions, one of which was held on Tuesday…
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70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The 10th of December is Human Rights day, and 2018 will see a year long celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).  This is the same year that we will be holding and following up our International Permanent Peoples Tribunal into the Human Rights Impacts of Unconventional Gas. The…
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