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Inquiries into unconventional gas

Further Witness testimonies have been received from KylieH and the Jang Family.  These are written submissions supported by images. They very clearly present the overwhelming machine that the average person is confronted with when well resourced gas companies come to your community and you are left as individuals to prove impact.  One of these submissions was…
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First Testimony Recieved

Rev Slaughter has been the first to provide testimony to the tribunal.  It is not surprising that he is one of the first submissions since being first there when those in the Western Downs Gasfields need help is just what he does.   He has been quietly and staunchly providing pastoral support to those who feel…
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Website Launched

During the week of May 14-18, 2018, the unconventional gas industry – CSG, fracking – goes on trial for its impact on our human rights to health, life, safe and sustainable environment, water, privacy, property, information, free and informed consent, and participation.   During that week the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal Session on the Human Rights…
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Tribunal contributions from other Countries to date

The following are links to Facebook pages that host video recordings of two tribunal contributions that have occurred recently. VA-Peoples-Tribunal-on-Human-Rights-Environmental-Justice-and-Fracked-Gas Torch Can Do

Sisters of Mercy – UN Address

UN Human Rights discussion on Fracking and the Chinchilla region of QLD, Australia. Video uploaded by Lock the Gate Alliance: The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas (Joint Statement), presentation by Mr. Budi Tjahjono, at the 31st regular session of the Human Rights Council (29 February to 24 March 2016), can be viewed on the UN…
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The Human Rights Implications of Fracking: A View from the UK | by Evadné Grant

Read this article on the Center for Humans and Nature’s page:

Pacific Climate Warriors and global activists demand an end to fossil fuels

Nov 5: End the Age of Fossil Fuels Yesterday, on the eve of the UN Climate Talks, the Pacific Climate Warriors and activists from around the world used their bodies, their culture and their spirits to demand an end to the era of fossil fuels. Thank you 350 Pacific and Ende Gelände for your incredible…
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COP23 Fossil of the Day to Australia

Pacific Island Represent just presented Australia with the Fossil of the Day award at #COP23 for trying to give almost a billion dollars of taxpayer money to the Adani coal mine. To keep global warming below 1.5 degrees, we can’t burn any new fossil fuels, so why is the Australian Government trying to open up…
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Can the climate afford Europe’s gas addiction?

7 November 2017 – Friends of the Earth Europe commissioned a team of climate change scientists to determine how much gas Europe can afford to use in its future energy mix. Read the full story and access the report at:

How to create your own testimony for the Tribunal

There are a few ways you can record your testimony.   The first step is to write down notes and details about what you would like to say.  Also gather any supporting items you want to use in your testimony, photos, documents, video etc. Don’t worry, this is not an Emmy performance, this is simply…
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