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The Rising Legitimacy of the Human Rights Argument

There is movement in the gasfields, and that movement is the rising legitimacy of the human rights argument against the unconventional gas industry. As identified in a previous blog A Rose by any other name: Social Licence , the term social licence has until recently been appropriated by the industry and the government, and just as every…
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Judges’ Preliminary Statement

PERMANENT PEOPLES’ TRIBUNAL  Founder: Lelio Basso (Italy) President: PHILIPPE TEXIER  (FRANCE)                                     Vicepresidents: LUIZA ERUNDINA DE SOUSA (BRASIL) JAVIER GIRALDO MORENO (COLOMBIA) HELEN JARVIS (AUSTRALIA) NELLO ROSSI (ITALY) Secretary General: GIANNI TOGNONI (ITALY)   Session on Human Rights,…
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Where are these rights described and how do they apply?

In October 2016 a representative of the United Nations (UN) met a group of Queenslanders as part of his investigations into the possible violation of the rights of local defenders of human rights. Michel Forst is the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders. His main mission as an independent expert is to…
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