Session 2 – Infrastructure

Subcase 2 – Infrastructure

The fuels infrastructure case will examine human rights and earth rights impacts resulting from fracking infrastructures such as pipelines, compressor stations, export facilities, Liquid Natural Gas facilities, storage facilities and so on.

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Planning 4 Sustainable Development Testimony

Peter McGowan Testimony

My Name is Peter McGowan, and  I lived at Tara for seventeen years. I recently retired from volunteer senior officer in the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Rural Fire Service.   I would like this to be my testimony to the tribunal of my experience of the impact that the industry has on emergency personnel.


Heather Geary Testimony

My name is Heather Geary, I would like this to be my testimony to the tribunal regarding the impact of the infrastructure of the gas industry.  My partner has a property between Roma and Injune and I took these pictures on a flight from Brisbane to Roma at 1.30pm Sunday 21 January 2018.  We were struck by how close the infrastructure is from this perspective, and the impact the infrastructure has on the landscape that already has a sustainable use and can understand from this view the impact on the water table.

Nood Nothdurft Testimony

Nood Nothdurft discusses the impact of noise from the industry on his family and the struggle to have it addressed.


Anne Daw Testimony

My addendum and submission cover many aspects, including what I have learnt at the Round Table for Oil and Gas, that is held in South Australia. Executives and staff attend this round table from all over Australia, as usually they have operations of some sort interstate. International speakers also present at the Round Table. I also attend lectures when I can at the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training which is also allocated in Adelaide. I have also inspected the Onshore Petroleum Centre of Excellence where people from all over Australia come to be certified in different aspects including fracking. I believe because I am in this unique position, I am able to come to the table to cover other aspects that others do not have direct access to.