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Sponsors of the Tribunal

Steering Group, Permanent People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Fracking
Dr Tom Kerns, Anna Grear, Julie Wassmer, Damien Short, Simona Perry
Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA)
Dr Michelle Maloney – National Convenor
Social Justice Commission
Dr Mark Copland – Executive Officer
Planning 4 Sustainable Development
Matt McIntyre – Director
Western Downs Alliance
Paul King – President
Landholders Ascert
Shay Dougall – Director
Environment and Human Rights Advisory (EHRA)
Dr Tom Kerns - Director
Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR)
Benedict Coyne – President
Mercy International Association
Denise Boyle fmdm - Team Leader, Mercy Global Action
Institute of the Sisters of Mercy - Australia and Papua New Guinea
Deirdre Gardiner rsm
Lock the Gate Alliance
Drew Hutton – President
Catholic Earthcare Australia
Jacqui Remond – National Director
Knitting Nannas Against Gas
Karen Auty – Western Downs Loop
Uniting Church Leichhardt Patrol
Rev Graham Slaughter
National Toxics Network
Darling Downs Environment Council
James Lee - Project Manager, Australian Earth Laws Alliance
Tracy Anton - Lead, Community Over Mining